About HEG

A leader in workplace health and wellness

The Healthy Enterprises Group is at the forefront of the workplace health and wellness movement in Canada. For more than 15 years, we've helped senior executives and managers integrate best practices for total health within their organizations. Our work contributes to employee health and helps stimulate competition among companies, as well as the Canadian economy.

Our mission

To advance health and wellness in the workplace by promoting best practices in the field.


Since 2004, we've dedicated ourselves to promoting employee health by making employers aware of the many benefits of implementing a structured approach to health and wellness in the workplace. We are mobilizing a growing Community of companies and individuals that care about workers’ overall health.

We also serve as a spokesperson for employers to political decision-makers and stakeholders in the field of occupational health and wellness. As a result, we're contributing to the emergence of a true social movement focused on employees’ total health and business productivity.

We are part of a vast network, primarily in Quebec and Canada, but also abroad. These collaborations allow us to exchange ideas on best practices and global trends in the field.


To meet the needs of employers, we offer leading-edge trainings, a range of practical tools, and opportunities to share knowledge and experience. We provide companies with the tools they need to adopt best practices in the field of health and wellness in order to foster sustainable improvements in their working environments.

We also provide access to a network of qualified service providers and certified coaches able to help companies develop their comprehensive health program. We're happy to play the role of intermediary between employers and service providers.

Our services and tools are offered free of charge or at a reduced rate in order to reach and mobilize as many organizations as possible in this movement for health and wellness in the workplace.


In addition to mobilizing and equipping organizations, we recognize their successes and achievements in the field of total health.

Whether through our annual awards event or through the recognition offered following implementation of the Healthy Enterprise Initiative, we reward businesses that stand out for their innovative and noteworthy activities.

We're proud to acknowledge the actions that have a real impact on employee health and well-being, and to contribute to companies’ brand images and their positioning as engaged enterprises. Our aim is to facilitate talent recruitment and retention, a major challenge in our current economy.

Our Values


HEG focuses on identifying best practices in the field of total health with the goal of increasing business productivity.


In carrying out its mission, HEG fosters and encourages collaboration between partners by taking a win-win approach.


HEG aims to meet employers’ needs while fully respecting their values.


HEG is innovative in its ways of doing things and in the solutions it offers.


HEG takes action with a clear, stimulating and resolute vision, aware of the major shift and scale of mobilization necessary.

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Internal Policies