Become a Service Provider member

Selection criteria

To ensure that high quality services are provided, we ask service providers to meet the following selection criteria and to submit the required documents when applying.

  • Presentation of your organization and the services offered
  • Degree or professional certification
  • Three letters of recommendation from clients
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Solemn Declaration form (criminal background check)

Become a Service Provider

Become a Service Provider member

Independent contractor and NPOs
Service-based company

Complete form presenting your service offer in the Healthy Enterprises Group Service Provider Directory

Listing in the Toolbox
available via the Healthy Enterprises Group website

Use of the logo “Healthy Enterprises Group Service Provider,” allowing you to position yourself as a qualified Service Provider

Possibility of publishing a blog article or presenting a thematic webinar related to your field of expertise (subject to approval)

“Promoting Your Services in the Workplace” training :
One (1) free registration

One Healthy Enterprises Group networking activity:
One (1) free registration

Access to the Healthy Enterprise Initiative toolbox

Minimum 25% discount on the registration cost for Healthy Enterprises Group activities

A value of $1,600.00

Become a Service Provider