Take part in an “Caring Challenge” to support caregivers

Since 2015, the Augustinian Monastery in Quebec City has opened its doors to caregivers of the elderly and dependent adults, as well as parents of sick or handicapped children, who need to catch their breath, re-energize and recharge their batteries.

These respite stays are part of the NPO's social mission, which focuses on activities that promote well-being.
In Quebec, there are thousands of family caregivers of all ages who devote themselves to caring for a loved one. The objective of the “Prendre Soin” challenge is to raise funds to provide respite and healing activities at the monastery.
Starting October 1st, you can begin a 30-day corporate wellness challenge to help fund the respite program for caregivers at the Augustinian Monastery, while doing yourself some good.
Why participate?
Do you care about the health and well-being of the people you work with? Are you looking for activities that promote team spirit and social involvement while stimulating motivation and engagement?
The Prendre Soin challenge gives your employees and colleagues—as well as yourself!— an opportunity to integrate the benefits of a total health activity into your daily routine for 30 days, from October 1st to October 31st, all while raising money for a good cause. Every challenge can be taken on alone or as a group.
To get a better understanding of the challenge, we invite you to watch this video of the challenge ambassador, Lyne St-Roch (in French).
To take the challenge, choose among five easy and practical activities.
Practice meditation
Meditation helps you to take a step back from the risks of becoming scattered or worn out as a result of work demands. When practised regularly, it reduces stress and helps maintain good psychological and physical health.
Just a few minutes of meditation per day is enough to induce a sense of calm while improving concentration.
How many times per day do you look at your smartphone for no particular reason? Do you tend to browse social media rather than focus your attention on the people you're with? 
Leave your smartphone behind at lunch to give your brain a break and create an opportunity to talk with your colleagues.
Learn to appreciate silence
Silence has many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, regulating emotions, improving cognitive abilities and encouraging more restful sleep. Silence also promotes deep thinking and creativity.
Integrate silence into your routine! 
Short silence: move to another spot, close doors, handle objects without making any noise
Medium silence: limit how much you talk, focus on listening
Long silence: calm the thoughts that take you outside of the present moment
Move mindfully
In addition to improving your physical health, focusing on the present moment when moving is great for your mental health. Combining physical activity with mindfulness helps reduce stress and the risk of injury.
Go for a team walk at lunch time to stretch your legs while giving you time to focus your attention on the weather outside, the natural light and even the singing birds.
Take time for a small act of kindness
This challenge consists of doing something nice for one new person every day. The experience gives you a chance to see the benefits of being sincerely kind and honouring family caregivers who dedicate their time to others.
Pay attention to your colleagues, do a good deed for one of them every day (for example, offer them tea, be attentive, do a favour without being asked) and see the joy that this challenge brings to you and the people around you.
Ready to take the challenge?

To learn more about the challenge to benefit caregivers and to sign up, visit
Don't hesitate to promote the challenge within your organization and with friends and family. It's a great way to create a chain of goodwill between you and others.
On behalf of all caregivers, thank you!

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