About the Healthy Enterprises Group


Brief History

Founded in 2004 by Roger Bertrand, former Quebec minister responsible for Prevention, the Healthy Enterprises Group (the Group) wanted to engineer and promote solutions against the uncontrollable increases in public spending for healthcare in Quebec. Today, such expenses equal almost half of the overall Quebec’s budget. This non-profit organization would promote best practices for employers interested in benefiting from sound health and wellness initiatives. We considered it as a means for enhancing productivity and decreasing the proportion of care expenses in budgets. 

At its very beginning, the Group, then called GP2S , received a strong financial support from Quebec’s economic leaders. It has become since much more autonomous financially. However, the Group still benefits from both public and private sector important partners. Many thanks to all those organizations and leaders. They have been supporting the role of prevention, especially as a means to enhance competitiveness and economic vitality. 

Inspired by those leaders, the Group acts as a leader as well. For example, it is at the origins of the Healthy Enterprise Standard . First appeared in 2008, thanks to the leadership of the Group, it has been updated since and recognized as a Canadian national standard in 2020. In line with the standard, the Group developed the Healthy Enterprise Approach, three basic steps to improve health and wellbeing. These can apply to any organization interested in some of the best health and wellness practices in the workplace.

Since its creation, the Group became a strong reference for executives, managers, employees and providers concerning the promotion of global health in a workplace. It provides a lot of answers to anyone interested in learning more about: management practices, work environment, work-life balance and lifestyle habits.


Status Reports (in French)