A Workstation Ergonomic Analysis Squad

An inspiring success story from Cégep Garneau, a 2018 Prix Distinction award winner in the category “Work Environment – Large enterprise.”

One of the interventions selected by Cégep Garneau's Occupational Health, Safety and Well-being Committee was the creation of a workstation ergonomic analysis squad. The team is made up of third-year students from the Physiotherapy Techniques program who conduct evaluations of seated workstations for various personnel categories.

Students analyze the work situation, identify problem areas, and develop an intervention plan, including adjustments to the workstation and work accessories, and general advice on proper posture. Under the supervision of the instructor-physiotherapist, the student makes the necessary adjustments, suggests equipment purchases if necessary, and makes recommendations to the employee. The student also provides the employee with a personalized ergonomic recommendation report. A second report containing ergonomic recommendations is produced for the immediate superior to suggest equipment purchases to be made that are specific to the employee's working condition.

“At Cégep Garneau, we stand out for our focus on education and our unique approach to health, safety, and wellness in the workplace. Involving instructors and students in our approach is unusual. By taking an approach that promotes our employees' well-being, we're contributing to our educational mission from a pedagogical point of view and training the next generation. These young students are tomorrow's workers. We're helping to foster healthy habits in the workplace for their future.”

There are numerous positive impacts of the overall health and wellness plan:

  • Reduced overall absenteeism rate
  • Improved awareness of the Employee Assistance Program
  • Increased participation in sports activities offered at the cégep during the lunch hour for better work-life balance
  • Access to pleasant eating areas with the development of three staff rooms and outdoor picnic tables

With respect to the ergonomic squad, the cégep is continuing to work on preventing musculoskeletal injuries and also reducing the risk of injury for employees.

The positive effects on our working environment are clear, and you can tell that our employees and students are proud!

Cégep Garneau
Certified Healthy Enterprise—Elite


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