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The Healthy Enterprises Community brings together businesspeople, human resources professionals, managers, employees, service providers and individuals interested in health and wellness in the workplace.

The Community's goal: to combine our efforts, knowledge and skills to foster a culture of health and wellness in the workplace.

When you join the Healthy Enterprises Community, you get free access to all of the Healthy Enterprise Initiative tools, all of our thematic webinars and the training “The Essential Steps to Launching a Health and Wellness in the Workplace Initiative.”

You'll also get the chance to speak with other Community members during networking activities and via the Community's Facebook group Communauté Entreprises en santé.

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The Healthy Enterprises Community is a space for knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Here you'll find other people who, like you, care deeply about health and wellness in the workplace.

The Healthy Enterprises Community Facebook group allows members to exchange resources, share their successes and ask questions about the issues they're facing in their organization when it comes to total health. The Facebook group is also a place where you can find innovative ideas and get inspired by other companies’ success stories.

Whatever your level of involvement in workplace health and wellness, the goal of our community of practices is to inspire, share ideas and provide support.

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Be at the forefront of change in your workplace and implement the Healthy Enterprise Initiative. With support from the Community, you'll find the momentum to launch a health and wellness initiative within your organization.

Is your company already active when it comes to total health? The Healthy Enterprise Initiative is also a way to structure your efforts to make them as effective as possible. You can also get formal recognition of your efforts so that their value is recognized and acknowledged.

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As a member of the Healthy Enterprises Community, you get free access to the Healthy Enterprise Initiative toolbox. The different sections of the toolbox provide you with everything you need to start or enrich your workplace health and wellness initiative, including detailed instructions, models and real-world examples.


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