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From May 01 to Sep 15

Location 1130, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, #360, MontréalQCCanada
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This session is intended for:
Member employers interested in health and wellness who dream of implementing, or are starting to implement, a total health in the workplace initiative and are looking for the tools they need to take action.


Parcours Découverte SME au travail


  • $175
  • Free for community members


  1. The issues and impacts of occupational health
  2. The importance of a well-structured health and wellness approach to get sustainable results
  3. Launching a business case to obtain a firm commitment from management
  4. Success factors for effective project implementation
  5. The steps in the Healthy Enterprise Initiative
  6. Overview of the Healthy Enterprise Standard
  7. Examples of businesses that have successfully implemented a structured initiative


Dr. Mario Messier,
Scientific Director, Healthy Enterprises Group

Both as a family doctor and as an occupational physician, he has discovered over time that his true passion is not illness, but rather health. Passionate about health and fascinated by the corporate world, Dr. Messier is convinced that promoting health in the workplace is a “win-win” for both employees and companies. The realization led him to the Healthy Enterprises Group, where he serves as the company's scientific director.

Dr. Messier is one of the minds behind Quebec's Healthy Enterprise Standard and Canada's National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. He also oversaw the development of the brand-new product from the Healthy Enterprises Group: The Healthy Enterprise Initiative.