Recognitions given by the Healthy Enterprises Group


Committing to the HE Process means opportunities to benefit from HE Group recognition for your engagement with health and wellness in the workplace. A lot of organizations have already been recognized at level 1, 2 or 3 of the process:


Healthy Enterprises - Level 1  




Healthy Enterprises - Level 2  




Healthy Enterprises - Level 3  




The HE Group initiative « Honorary Awards » is another way to get recognition in relation with your health and wellness leadership. This annual event is organized as a tribute to leaders who successfully implemented in-house measures related to management practices, work environment, work-life balance or lifestyle habits. Any organization may submit an achievement for appraisal by the jury of « Honorary Awards ». 

Such a recognition is important if you’re interested in : 


Boosting your reputation of a dependable employer for health and wellness in the workplace

Paying a tribute to your achievement’s key players

Sharing your success and inviting your peers to engage and take action


Getting valuable feedbacks



Highlighting your organization within the HE Community and more