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The Healthy Enterprise Process 

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Developed by the HE Group, the “Healthy Enterprise Process” helps starting and enriching health and wellness projects into organizations of any size or sector. It is a three phase progressive approach. Each one involves a series of step by step actions in accordance to intended future health and wellness targets. And for every phase, explanations are given about how to proceed, with practical tools and examples.




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Tree entry-levels (recognition) 

Level 1  

1. Name a person responsible for implementing the Initiative (Initiative Leader)

2. Train the Initiative Leader (video, currently available in French only)

3. Produce and distribute a statement from senior management

4. Complete at least one communication activity

5. Collect data (identify needs)

6. Plan and complete at least one intervention per year

7. Evaluate the interventions


Level 2  

8. Establish a health and wellness committee

9. Train the Initiative Leader (video, currently available in French only)

10. Designate a member of senior management to serve as the “Management Representative” of the Initiative

11. Allocate a specific budget to health and wellness interventions

12. Carry out an extended data collection

13. Distribute results of the consultation to employees

14. Implement at least two interventions per year


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Level 3  

15. Develop a health and wellness policy

16. Train members of the health and wellness committee (video, currently available in French only)

17. Develop a procedure for returning and remaining at work following an extended leave

18. Carry out an extended data collection

19. Annually plan your interventions

20. Implement at least two interventions per year

21. Produce an annual report on the health and wellness program

Developed by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) under the leadership of the HE Group, the Healthy Enterprise CAN/BNQ 9700-800/2020 standard - Prevention, Promotion and Organizational Practices Contributing to Health and Wellness in the Workplace is now recognized as a National Standard of Canada (NSC). This ISO-type of standard is the only existing referential in the world dealing with health and wellness in a workplace.

3 audit-levels (certification)

These certification levels are delivered by the BNQ after an internal audit. It is an expansive health and wellness program in which employees’ needs and data collection play a key role. This applies in 4 areas of activity that have positive impact on global health. They are management practices, work environment, work-life balance, and lifestyle habits.

Both entry-levels and certification-levels boost non-stop improvement of health and wellness practices. Hence achieving expected results for any organization. 

More about the HE Standard Downloading the HE Standard

We would like to thank our partners in the review of the Healthy Enterprise standard :


The HE Continuum

Altogether, entries and audit levels form the “HE Continuum”, a progressive and flexible implementation of health and wellness best practices in the workplace. 

Either recognition or certification is possible according to the level you are aiming at. They are formal and reliable confirmations for the priority, the commitment and the engagement your organization devotes to health and wellness in the workplace. You can therefore stand as a socially dependable employer. It boosts employee’s pride and confidence, client’s trust and community’s support.

The HE Group and its network can support your organization all along the HE Continuum. Joining the HE Community with a single click gives you free access to the HE Process environment and its tools. Moreover, you will be part of a network of people like you, who care about health and wellness in-house. Join our community and get reliable guidance implementing the HE Process.

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